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Minor Collision

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Bazile | 12:52 Mon 08th Feb 2016 | Motoring
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Yesterday a colleague of mine was inching past two vehicles parked on a narrow road , and collided with the bumper of one of the vehicles - a van
( the bumper he thinks )

Upon checking , there was no damage to the van.
There is a small dent to his car .

He wants to know -

1. Should he have sought out the owner of the van and told him/her , even though there was no damage to the van ?

2. If he reports the accident to his insurers , will his insurers contact the owner of the van ?

3. What's your advice as what i tell him to do.



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Isn't it a legal requirement to report such incidents?
You are legally required to stop after a road traffic accident, even if no other vehicle was involved, if:
anyone (other than you) is injured
another vehicle or any other property is damaged
an animal on the road or in another car is injured (but not an animal in your own vehicle)
items such as a street lamp, bollard, road sign or any other normal street ‘furniture’ are damaged

So Islay, in this case, no.
1. Technically yes
2. No but they will hike his next premium
3. do nothing.
If no serious damage " Nothing"
Do nothing unless he wants to claim on his insurance, in which case just put in the claim. As he hit a stationary car it will be 100% his fault so his insurance will pay and put up his premium for the next 5 years.
Getting the dent repaired out of his own pocket and saying nothing is the cheapest option.
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Tell him to get Chipsaway ( or other smart repair bloke ) to sort his small dent out. And say nothing to the insurers, after all no damage to the van.
///What if I clipped a stationary car, I got out and checked that there was no damage?
If no damage has been caused, you have no obligation to provide details. However, even where the slightest amount of damage has occurred, you must stop and provide details.///

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Thanks all , for responding

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Minor Collision

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