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Vw Passat 2.0Tdi Se Business Or Bmw 3 Saloon 316D Se

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ramasus | 15:40 Wed 14th Oct 2015 | Motoring
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I am about to get a company car and the above tow have been offered.

The Passat offers better performance and more gadgets, the BMW is slower, costs more in BIK, less spec but I somehow just cant ignore it.

So, is there an overwhelming reason why I should go for the BMW.

Yours totally confused.


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Myself would go for the BMW, If the VW is a new one there is every chance it may be recalled, you will not get that with the Beema.
You seem to be asking whether you'd be better off with a nice car or an expensive status symbol. Only you can answer that.
Question Author
Thanks for your responses. I think I am really meaning is the driving experience in the BMW worth paying more for. Status is not really an issue for me as the kids will destroy the car in the first weekend..

We have a Beemer 320, love it, does everything it says on the box, worth paying a bit extra imo.
Is the Passat currently available? VW have withdrawn from sale all the affected cars and the Passat diesel was one of them. That might make yor decision easier.
The only problem with the Beema Ramasus is the boot, the estates are ok but to get two large cases into the boot can be very trying, it helps when the rear of the back set drops, (I'm referring to the Coupe) I think BMW have let the car down on this boot design, other than that, they can not be beaten providing you look after & get them serviced right & It does not mean, getting it done at a Dealers, providing It's serviced by a VAT Reg Garage with the correct filters / oil, the Warrantee stands.
Am I write in thinking the VW is a 2 litre, and the BMW is a 1.6?

If so, I would go for the VW.
So would I.
Pal of mine has the Passat, it is a very good motor. He does a lot of motorway miles and says he would not swap it for a gold clock. ( His words. I rang him to ask his opinion before posting)
//The seventh-gen Passat may be a car of few surprises, but an amazingly large proportion of the population don't want any: in the 100 countries or so where this new Passat will be sold, it is deservedly close to being the ideal car.//
Part of the autocar review.
You could consider a 5 series against a Passat but not a 3 series...if you have a few kids the 3 will be a bit cramped.
Looks like he only has the choice of the two (mentioned in op ), BRIGHT SPARK.
BMW 316d
* Price: From £27,255 (as tested)* Engine: 2.0-litre 4cyl turbodiesel
* Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
* Power/torque: 114bhp/260Nm* 0-62mph: 11.2 seconds
* Top speed: 126mph* Economy: 64.2mpg
The 316d has a detuned version of the 2.0-litre turbodiesel from the 320d,
I know that tony..what i'm saying is ..a 3 series and a Passat are poles apart..and I've had BMW's for many years.The Passat wins hands down for me.
Ah right, yep 5 series is much better for room.
Question Author
all....thanks for your replies. The Passat wins for me based on the following:-

a) more roomy and bigger boot
b) 0-60 in 8.7 sec (2 seconds quicker than BMW)
c) 70mpg (similar to BMW)
d) more gadgets ie. adaptive cruse control, heated front seats, front parking sensors, electrically foldable mirrors
e) £16 cheaper each month for me.

Going for the Tungsten Silver.

Cheers all

Good choice.
Passat, I just love that 2.0 TDi's power delivery.
Passat best car I've ever had, BMW 520 d one of the worst!

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Vw Passat 2.0Tdi Se Business Or Bmw 3 Saloon 316D Se

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