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Tourist Drivers

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AB Editor | 16:09 Tue 02nd Jun 2015 | Motoring
15 Answers

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  • People not driving appropriately for the local roads (e.g. inappropriate speed or not cautious enough) - 86 votes
  • 39%
  • General congestion - 37 votes
  • 17%
  • People who are towing (e.g. caravans) - 35 votes
  • 16%
  • Slow drivers admiring the scenery / points of interest - 24 votes
  • 11%
  • People parking where they shouldn't - 23 votes
  • 10%
  • People searching for parking - 10 votes
  • 4%
  • People who are lost - 8 votes
  • 4%

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B133din caravans!
Too many cars making it both dangerous and difficult to get in and out of my drive. I doubt any belong to tourists though.
I live in a tourist town and it's a nightmare all year round, just worse in grockle season.
Still giggling thinking of anyone taking a holiday round here....

Where I come from they are known as 'Piles'
They arrive in Bunches,
They turn Red,
and they're a pain in the ***!

And they tow Caravans!!!!!!!!!
I do not have a problem with them as I drive abroad often, a lot use Sat Navs, the only issue is the same as the HGVs but obviously different in size & vision, some forget at time which side of the road they are on but that's up to the UK Driver to have patience.

I've only ever seen one on the wrong side of the road and I met him in the middle of a blind bend when we were both doing 45 to 50 mph, how we avoided a head-on I still don't know, trust me, it is very difficult to be patient under those circumstances!
Surely the whole point of living in a tourist town is that only the lack of tourists is a problem?
I voted slow drivers. If "people stopping their cars in the middle of the road to photograph and make a fuss of the ponies and donkeys thus making them associate cars with food and making them nippy" was there then I would have voted for that
I have never heard anyone talk of problem of tourists on our roads.

On the pavements - yes. But it is merely a passing irritation.

Our city centre doesn't have many of those traffic jam thingies. We have had runaway bulls and the odd tractor. I live in a nice city.

-- answer removed --
I don`t mind caravans if they stay on main roads instead of taking the B roads.
I think there should be a "None of the above" category, Tourists are very welcome in my lovely part of Lancashire.
Horse box doing 45mph in the outside lane of the M1 in Dunmurry, driver oblivious to the tailback he is causing, also oblivious to the purpose of the inside lane. Where are the traffic police when you need them?
People seem to leave their brains behind when driving on holiday. Rules of the road go out of the window. I would also say the same about their pedestrian habits. Bet they wouldn't dream of walking down the middle of roads, in groups, in their home towns. (Bet they don't wear shorts and T-shirts With anoraks when the weather is cold and raining either when they are not on holiday either)

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Tourist Drivers

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