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Fault On Newly Purchaesd Car

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sigma | 15:53 Mon 01st Jun 2015 | Motoring
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I have bought a car from car supermarket. I collected it yesterday (Sunday), today a warning light has come on requiring it to be taken to a dealership for diagnosis.

What should be my course of action and what rights do I have regarding the cost of getting it repaird.


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Take it back to where you bought it from in the first instance.
Did you get any sort of warranty for the car?
It will be under warranty. Take it back.
what car did you buy? Was it the service light?
As advised, take it straight back to where you bought it and ask them to deal with the will have been given warranty with the car.
Question Author
It's a renault clio. The warning light is an amber spanner.
As said, also ask for the Hisory of this car should they have it, if there is a service book in the car, make a note of the mileage when the car was purchase & do a MOT Check via the DVLA to see if the Speedo tally's with the MOT Certs, keep a log of any defect that occur since the purchase, you might need them in case of a claim / refusal, I would think the Warrantee is 3 Months?
The Amber spanner is the service warning light, it is either due for a service or did the car supermarket say they have serviced it for you ?. If it's the latter and it has been serviced then it looks like the mechanic hasn't ( or doesn't know how ) reset the service light.

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Fault On Newly Purchaesd Car

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