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The Ideal Price Of Petrol

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AB Editor | 15:07 Wed 17th Dec 2014 | Motoring
14 Answers

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  • The cost should be lower - between 80p and £1 per litre - 126 votes
  • 47%
  • The cost should be lower - between 60p and 80p per litre - 55 votes
  • 21%
  • The cost should be lower - between £1 and 116p - 52 votes
  • 20%
  • I'm very happy with the cost now (average 116.9p per litre) - 23 votes
  • 9%
  • The cost could be higher than 117p and still be affordable - 10 votes
  • 4%

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Remember that 58p is UK Excise Duty and the VAT is added at 20 per cent so some 80p is sunk cost, unless the Government change this - the idea that a tax can be applied to a tax is abhorrent.
Folk skimp on other things to ensure they are still able to move as they wish.
I'd say as low as possible, but if it climbed I'd just have to find the money from somewhere. What I object to is the government unfairly targetting the driver as a cash cow. It shows they have no morals at Westminster. (Not that I ever claimed they did.)
Sorry...isn't this a very simplistic question? The price of fuel is just one of the many variables that dictate whether, or not, your motoring is "affordable".
According to the RAC petrol could soon fall to below a pound a litre.
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it can't go lower than 70p anyway. that's the minimum tax level.
dt 1.2 x 58 = 69.6 hence my 70p.
Tax on a tax is abhorrent - but then add in to the mix that you are purchasing the fuel out of taxed income...........
yes DD, take it to it's logical conclusion and all liquid cash is tax waiting to happen. tying it up in assets temporarily halts the inexorable path to the tax man!
I bet a duty increase is being rubber stamped as we type!(to be implemented post election)
More that likely I will get called for my comment but, the British Public had the chance to put in their protest many years back when the Haulage Company's went on a Protest run but what happed? did the British Pulic Support them? no, you paid the price, granted you had to work, you had your chores to day, so did the Owner Drivers / Haulage Company's, Did the French come out? they will not stand the price increase as it effect EVERYTHING, the Main, Food, Services, I am afraid to say you paid the price, my opinion of the Cost of fuel going down, they have over stocks because motorist have cut back, serves the Greedy Basds & the Government right for taking the IZZZ out of you.
For me Motoring was easily affordable at 130ppl. I would like to see it higher to get the roads cleared so I can get about better. Mind you if plod bothered to clear the untaxed cars off the road then maybe we wouldnt need higher fuel bills to do the job.

TWR, I see your point but the tax pot is needed, especially under a labour Government that wants a huge public sector (that earns nothing for the country's GDP). So if it was not on fuel it would be on something else.

To get taxation down the public sector needs to be shrunk. Not front line staff that politically motivated Management always do but the very Managers that seem incapable of managing despite huge salaries and grossly offensive pensions. But the public dont seem to be able to see this, well not those on the left of the spectrum.
YMB does have a point, if even "poor" people can afford to clogg up the roads clearly motoring is too cheap!
A How is it when the price of a barrel raises there is an instant increase in fuel, but when it's lowered, no reduction? we have been ripped off long enough by the Chancellor / Fuel Giants.

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The Ideal Price Of Petrol

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