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Driving without a seatbelt

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AB Editor | 14:49 Wed 01st Oct 2014 | Motoring
28 Answers

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  • Yes - 266 votes
  • 95%
  • No - 15 votes
  • 5%

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driving, yes. Car passenger, yes. Not always in minibuses etc. Never on the tube.
Yes, I don't even have to think, it's an ingrained habit now.
I think this needs a third category - you know you should, and you havent forgotten, but it is a short journey so you dont bother!
Wouldn't allow myself to drive without one, it's an automatic thing when I get in the car.

You drive tubetrains?

It's second nature now, don't even think about it.
I voted yes yet it says at this point I time votes!
Booga me it changed as I submitted my post...d'oh.
not me, SA. Do train drivers have seat belts, or just those dead man's handle things? I should get one of those for the car.
I drove a train briefly once. No seat belt as position was standing and not sitting.
Klunk Klik - EVERY trip. Now who was it that used to say that?
this one seems to be sitting

London Overground rather than London Underground, strictly speaking.
always, in the car, in a coach, in a minibus.

at the bottom it says

(Refreshed every 5 minutes)
Always in my car, but for some reason never in a taxi....
Always....and I never let my children travel in a coach without seatbelts on school trips...x
There should also be included a seat belt knife AB, too many have been trapped by the seatbelt.
Always and always have even when it wasn't compulsory. My car beeps if you don't wear it anyway.
I started even when it was not law so that I would be used to it when it became law to use them. I am very glad I did.
Automatic now

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Driving without a seatbelt

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