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granny grump | 17:00 Thu 09th Oct 2014 | Motoring
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I feel really stupid

I have been lent a courtesy car a Mitsubishi 5 door colt reg 62. I have never driven this car before and not sure which symbol is the fuel gauge and don't know how much petrol there is in the car Can you describe it for me please


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Is there a manual in the glovebox perhaps?
Is it the one with a picture of a petrol pump on it?

also, when the engine is cold, it will be the only one to move when you turn on the ignition but don't start the engine
Question Author
There; no manual in the car shoota and it doesn't look a lot like your example - it has a temp gauge on lower lh side
They almost all have a stylised petrol pump symbol these days GG.
Question Author
Thank you all for your help I have just been out to the car and can find it now and guess what - Yes it needs petrol Thank you for helping a silly old lady
/guess what - Yes it needs petrol/

That'll be a dis-courtesy car then :-)
Granny grump Just make sure that it needs PETROL and not DIESEL. ;-)
Question Author
Ha Ha I like that Zeuhl
Question Author
Thank you SirOracle The chap in the garage did make a point of explaining - very slowly - that it was petrol
Make sure that you return it with just enough petrol in it - since they gave you just enough!!
Question Author
Certainly will Tuvok

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