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Hill Start Assist

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mikey4444 | 17:59 Thu 15th May 2014 | Motoring
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My new Fiesta has "Hill Start Assist" and its jolly useful !

But how does it bl**dy work ?


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i'm guessing your car has an electric parking brake?
Mikey, tell me you didn't! Oh to be a Rich Socialist.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
TTT...I appreciate your concern for my moral and financial welfare but, yes I did get my lovely new bright scarlet Fiesta, but not in the manner that we discussed a few weeks ago. It has used up most of the savings and I am now broke and may have to live on bread and dripping. ( can you still buy dripping ) I can probably manage it but I'm not sure of the dog !

No I don't have a electric parking brake, it that helps !
Oh mikey please don't eat the dog
Question Author
He's a Yorkie WR, so there wouldn't be many meals there ! A small rack of ribs maybe !

This Hill start thingy is really usefull. I work a lot in the Rhondda, which is
all short and very steep streets, some of them 1 in 4's, so I feel much more secure in my new Fiesta !
Better and a lot cheaper in the long run mikey. Good luck with the new motor, I have to say that new Fiesta is a terrific looking little car, The front grille and lights always make me think of an Aston. They do some great colours too. I assume you considered blue or even purple before going for red? I know you would have ruled out yellow early on!
Not the answer – but I have only driven hire cars fitted with an electronic parking brake. I have not had the confidence to release the brake before letting the clutch bite. I have a suspicion that on a steep enough incline – like automatics, they will roll back with possible disastrous consequences.
oh how it works:
Extra control during hill starts
Hill Start Assist temporarily stops you rolling backwards when making a hill start. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2.5 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator. It’s also useful when you’re stopping and starting on slippery surfaces.
looks like that's your colour in the link too mikey!
On some cars with hold assist the car wont move after coming to a halt, until the accelerator is touched.
Having learned to drive in Stoke very hilly I'm really good at hill starts. I don't need no assist!
Tut!Tut! Another driving skill down the drain!!:-)
there are at least 5 different ways this feature can work, the above is how it works in the Fiesta.
Question Author
Thanks everybody, especially TTT ! It is all beginning to make sense now. Already I am wondering how I managed without this facility !

Yes TTT, just like mine, but only a Fiesta Vetec.

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Hill Start Assist

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