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Do you consider your pets when buying a car?

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AB Editor | 12:14 Tue 18th Mar 2014 | Motoring
23 Answers

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  • Not at all (I don't have pets) - 176 votes
  • 47%
  • Yes - a major consideration - 86 votes
  • 23%
  • Not at all (but I have pets) - 85 votes
  • 23%
  • Yes - a minor consideration - 28 votes
  • 7%

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I dont even consider my husband!
Nope, but I suppose pondfish do not count?

Strangely enough I had a cat that loved to travel on the rear window shelf of an old Volvo I once had. Every time I went to get in, he was waiting to get in as well.

At least one vehicle has to be able to carry them safely.
None of my pets has shown any inclination to learn to drive.

Yes, I always make sure the seat adjustment is such the big guy can reach the pedals ok.
On a serious note, yes, the Estate was bought so that we can take them with us at times, or just give them a change of scene for walkies.
That's why Trish and I have our third Focus estate.Sadly we lost Max four days before we picked up the car.
I do have a dog but not one that needs any specific configuration.
Surely this only applies to people with dogs, or lions, or......

My cats travel in my car, they don't have any choice about it.
>>TTT "I do have a dog but not one that needs any specific configuration."

A little yappy thing? Those things scare me. Give me a cuddly big dog any day.


I have pets but don't have a car because I can't drive
our hounds totally dictate which car we have, it must be large enough for at least three hounds to lie down in comfort when all the rear seats are folded down with a totally flat floor with no gaps where they can get the feet trapped, it mustn't be too high that they can't jump in and out and it must have plenty of headroom and wind down windows. oh! air con is a must, they may overheat in the hot weather with out it.
my bees really couldn't care less how I travel.
Eccles ~ is it you that has the weeing worms?
I can't say that I have thought about pets when ever I've bought a car.
Many years ago we had a cat who loved to sit on the passenger's knee with his front paws on the dash board watching where we were going.

Can't you get tablets for that ^^^^^ ??
Wolf; the worms care even less, their eyesight is abysmal......
Eccles ~ Pretty lousy pets then. I don't suppose that they are hard to keep.
Years ago I had a 2CV6, I took out the parcel shelf, opened the tailgate and the dog used to jump in and just sit there.
After coming home one evening Mr Craft noticed the dog had some brown lines across the back of his head (I'd turned on the heated rear screen)
They're pretty easy to keep. I just fear the day they want to get into bed with me......
// wolf63
Eccles ~ is it you that has the weeing worm? //

Stop being so personal.

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