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Do average speed cameras make roads safer?

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AB Editor | 16:43 Mon 24th Feb 2014 | Motoring
26 Answers

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  • no - speed cameras do not contribute positively to road safety - 107 votes
  • 44%
  • Yes - safer than with normal speed cameras - 103 votes
  • 43%
  • no - normal speed cameras are safer - 32 votes
  • 13%

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I do not like them though, because I want to travel at pretty much the speed I want to travel at, not be dictated to by cameras ;)

Difficult to argue though that traffic travelling more slowly is likely to reduce accidents and the likely severity of any consequent injury, although its exact contribution to recorded drops in serous injuries and collisions is rather more difficult to determine.
I don't know what one is, how does it work?
I said 'yes' based on my limited experiences on the A13 and parts of the M25.
Certainly reduced the higher speed breakers, which in turn gives you more time to concentrate on the on the ones that dive from lane to lane with an apparent deathwish.

The A13 before that was a 'severe' crash every week.
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As you come into the "Average Speed Camera" zone coming down the A23, there's a sign telling you how many cars committed offences "last week".

If that sign is anything to go by, Average Speed Camera zones are lawless crime zones!
Question Author
"I don't know what one is, how does it work?"

They take your average speed over a few miles, rather than your speed at a certain time (as a normal speed camera would).

Some argue that normal speed cameras cause accidents because people travelling at 100mph in a nice german saloon with excellent brakes can sometimes find that when they slam it down to 72mph for a speed camera they end up with someone's 10 year old volvo in the boot.

Others argue that you end up watching the speed because of average speed cameras, and in doing so you lose some awareness of the road in general.

If I'm on a road that has them I just put cruise-control on, simples....
But I want to go faster! :) And also I want everybody else on the road to just get out of my way when I am in the outside lane. Not unreasonable, surely? ;)
Can they design one that works on foreign lorries please?
As soon as your out of the camera zone every one goes back to normal, "Speeding up" Safer Road can be achived by stiffer road fines / points, Example, Mobile Phone use, £60 + 3 Points, It would be better an instant 3 month ban £200 fine, if caught again, 6 Month ban £400>>>> I will get called for my views! but it would work.
If there's a petrol station in the average speed section, you can stop to refill, and then blast the rest of the way at 90mph, and your average speed will still be less than 50mph.
I think they have their uses in areas such as where the M3 joins the M25 as they slow the traffic to accommodate busy joining traffic so I suppose it depends where they are placed.
I prefer good speed cameras to average ones ;o)
Even if I believe safety is enhanced, I don't think this is quite the right question. The consideration would be better applied as to whether the miniscule safety increase is worth creating a society where we are all treated as subjects to be monitored and controlled and have something which is valuable removed from our life. We should wish to keep personal freedom not allow ourselves to be under the permanent scrutiny of the authorities.
Mr ed- that would be caused by the Volvo driver- not the speed camera. I don't like speed cameras. Bit distracting.
SPECS cameras work well in road works and for short 'pinch points' at busy junctions and where motorways merge - people by and large obey them and the traffic flow is smoothed.

They are a revenue-raising nonsense when used on lengthy sections of open road with an otherwise unrestricted traffic flow - they cause bunching and make it difficult to safely change lanes (on motorways) or overtake (on A roads).

TWR, I like your thinking
In the some places (possibly USA) there are average speed zones where you are stopped at the end of the zone and forced to wait until the time you would have got there by travelling at the 'legal' speed and pay an on the spot fine as well.
OG, can we take it that you are against speed limits altogether?

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Do average speed cameras make roads safer?

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