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Do average speed cameras make roads safer?

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AB Editor | 16:43 Mon 24th Feb 2014 | Motoring
26 Answers

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  • no - speed cameras do not contribute positively to road safety - 107 votes
  • 44%
  • Yes - safer than with normal speed cameras - 103 votes
  • 43%
  • no - normal speed cameras are safer - 32 votes
  • 13%

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I like that idea, Eddie.
Can we have minimum speed cameras so that you can't meet someone doing 30 mph on a 3 lane motorway? That has to the most dangerous driving fault I have seen, and I have seen it a few times. REALLY upsets lorry drivers.
My BIL failed his driving test for going too slow.
I hate the average speed cameras as i've constantly got my eyes on the speedo rather than the road, I usually get behind a big lorry in the hope that they won't go over the limit.
Unsure why you take that Fred. It's the constant monitoring for control that's an issue rather than the placing of sensible limits. That stated, many limits seem anything but sensible, apparently set deliberately cautious so the setter avoids accusations of setting them too high. I know some places where idiot car/driver hating authorities have tried to enforce a ridiculous 20mph everywhere. Ignored by many, possibly most, of course. A clear example of an inability to do their job properly or even understand what their role and responsibilities to the community are.

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Do average speed cameras make roads safer?

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