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hc4361 | 14:52 Sun 01st Sep 2013 | Motoring
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I am thinking of buying a dashcam and would appreciate users opinions.

I notice they range in price from £30 to £200+ but firmly believe you get what you pay for.

Have you got one?


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try this - I don't own it but a friend has just got 1 & he is usually very fussy with his gadgets
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Thanks for that, I hadn't come across that one.
I recently purchased this item from an ebay seller in china and I’m very impressed with its image quality – easily good enough to show who was a fault in the event of an accident (in view)

With the addition of a 4GB memory card, I have a fully working dash cam for less than £23.

On highest quality recording, the 4GB can handle 2 hours recording, after which it is overwritten.

The unit has too many features to list here, and as usual with such things, the instruction manual is not very detailed.

Personally my major concern with such a thing in the car is that the local crims will think it is worth lots and break into the car. Therefore when parking almost anywhere in public, the camera has to be removed and hidden from view.
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I forgot about the faff of taking it out of the car all the time. I do it with my satnav :(
I know 2 people who have them and they say they are really good. Think one friend spent about £50.00 on his. He didn't go for a specific make but it records well and is clear enough.
Long as its got a big card and the frame rate is good go for what you can afford.
I have the Roadhawk HD which I bought from policewitness this also give me membership to their site and I report incidents that I have caught to them and they liaise with the police for me. I have already sent an incident of a car going through a red light and the driver is being prosecuted. I am very happy with my Roadhawk HD the pictures are so clear, I would recommend and policewitness who sell a range of cameras.
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