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Do you trust your Sat Nav?

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AB Editor | 10:49 Tue 21st May 2013 | Motoring
37 Answers

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  • No. - 138 votes
  • 51%
  • Yes. - 133 votes
  • 49%

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Yes, up to a point, it's always got it right so far. I generally have a good idea of where I'm going anyway.

It sometimes gets interesting if the maps are quite up to date.

are 'not' quite up to date.
What I love about my satnav is she (I call her Gladys) is completely non-judgemental; if I do make a mistake she calmly says "re-calculating" and gives me an alternative, unlike humans who tend to rant and insult the poor driver.
I don't have one, I would not want one, in my years of driving I have never come unstuck from getting from A to B. on a point, how many HGVs have you heard about getting stuck down a narrow lane due to these things?
I need a sometimes option.

It can't cope at all in the City and even when I update it it seems to think I'm driving through fields when I drive on roads that have been there years.
TWR, those HGV drivers still have a responsibility to use their own eyes.
One time I was being driven home from some event and knew the way but the driver had a sat nav. I was directing too and deliberately kept turning off the suggested route just to annoy the machine. Oh, what fun! (I'm that sad).

So long as the maps are up-to-date, and you program the correct locations, I don't see a problem with sat-navs. The problem is when people are blind to the possible errors and carry on regardless. Yes it always seems to be the sat-nav's fault! Why don't people learn to pay attention and do some research beforehand so that they know what to look out for?
I hate them. Only ever driven anywhere once using one, I don't go far on my own, but himself had set the voice to Yoda and it drove me mental.
In my van I have 'miss whiplash' who is so strict that some days I am afraid to switch her on. In my car I have a nice Irish colleen who is so understanding but has a bit of a thing about U turns and is always trying to get me to go down narrow lanes that end up in a field.
TWR. you just have to tell it that you are driving a truck
I used to until one night it sent me up a dirt track when I went to pick my daughter up from a venue new to me - luckily it was a SUV with a bit of wellie and I managed to get out of the boggy end but it wa a close run thing for a minute or two.
Yes and when we get lost together we enjoy the change and variety.
Jim...I do research beforehand and navigate around the UK by fabric shops which are becoming thin on the ground. x
HGV drivers still have a responsibility to use their own eyes. But do they/ Any person with a bit of common would ask directions before they even started to go down country lanes with an artic.
Exactly. So how is that the fault of the satnav?
Jomifl, Never used one, had no desire to use one, always got to where I was going & safe, there are drivers & there are drivers. lol
satnav or hgv driver not using brain?
Yes, its usually on the ball but will sometimes take me a very long way around.

EvianBaby Exactly. So how is that the fault of the satnav?

Lack of experience, lack of road knowledge, half the drivers nowadays would be in the sht if the motorway was closed, they have not got a clue regards alternative routes.
That says it all Slack, I was never one of them " Thank God"
...and now we're running neck and neck :)
I use mine all the time, mainly so I can avoid the speed cameras. I've no problem getting to a particular place it's navigating round a strange town or city I have the trouble with and for that providing you have an address or post code they're spot on.

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