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Driving On Holiday?

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AB Editor | 10:35 Mon 22nd Apr 2013 | Motoring
20 Answers

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  • No - 88 votes
  • 70%
  • Yes - 37 votes
  • 30%

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Yes, we have to- it holds our camping gear ;-)
No, we hire one.

It will be a long walk if we don't
Holiday ? What's that then ? Oh you mean the break from work when there are a mountain of chores to do at home ?
No we're staying in England and going by train. We'll use public transport when we get there and are looking forward to bus and boat trips.

But I don't think my vote counted Ed. The poll says 0 vote for both yes and no.
Can't take it on the plane. :-) We will hire one some of the time, we are staying with our daughter in Canada so we will go in their's some of the time. Will have to hire when they are at work though.
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Due to medical problems will be in the UK for holidays, so will be using car.
Question Author
Is this something you've done recently, or a traditional way of holidaying for you?
I was going to, but then the airline told me it would be classed as excess baggage.
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I'm off to Zante and they drive like lunatics over there. I wouldn't trust driving when they make up the rules of the road as they go along. The coach journey from the airport to the hotel is horrendous - we only travel by foot or horse and cart. Apart from the erratic driving, there is nowhere else I'd rather be than Zante.
Cyprus, we hire one.
When we holiday on the mainland we take our car over on the ferry.
No, hiring, south of France.
Question Author
"AB Editor, who was that question aimed at? Everyone or one individual?"

Everyone... No harm in answering if it was just for one anyway! :)
I usually do a mixture of motoring, train and plane. Plane this year as going to Canada but we quite often go by train. Her and on the continent. Hubby used to work as a telecom engineer on the railway and we get concessions on the railways, free/reduced fares. I also like to drive on some holidays, although I think they will be fewer since the rise in fuel prices.
Yes, im driving from Bristol to Portsmouth to get a ferry then St Malo to my parents place in France. (about 250 miles).

Most of our holidays are out camping (love it) so take the car.
Thats apart from the accasional trip to Spain on a flight.
Came back 3 weeks ago from aussie, impossible to take our car. lol
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Driving On Holiday?

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