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Gear Box

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BRIGHT SPARK | 19:21 Thu 07th Mar 2013 | Motoring
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Who likes manual and who likes auto?


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Automatic gear boxes are fine with higher-powered engines but horrid with, say, 1.1 or 1.3 litre models.

I'll stick to manual, thank you.
For a lorry, coach or bus - automatic every time.

For a car, manual gearbox please.
Either, most of the time.
If I'm doing a lot of city driving the auto-box.
If I'm driving "enthusiasticly" a manual box.
Can't *stand* automatics!

Maybe I'm just a control freak but *I* want decide when I'm changing gear

The fact that I inevitably forget after a few days hit the 'clutch' and do a Garfield-sticky-toy impression on the windscreen is entirely coincidental

You should only be allowed to drive one if you've failed your manual test at least 5 times!

(rant over)
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Its an 8 speed auto for me.
Ah don't give up!

You really should go back and have another shot at a proper license! :c)
I prefer manual.
When i was company car driver I just had to take whatever was next in the car pool. I sometimes forgot I was in a manual and drove for miles in 2nd gear thinking I was in 'drive' or kept trying to change gear in an auto.
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I just wish they made a decent van with an auto box.All that changing gear ...whats the point seems very old fashioned on modern roads with the speed restrictions.
don't mind, have driven both. will stick to manual probably now as I like to keep things the same at my age.
Try a VW van Sparky - they do a good auto.
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I've never driven an automatic... Don't think I fancy it either.
Daily driver, automatic, track car manual. Rear wheel drive on both no deisel!
Had manuals for years and was always suspicious of auto's till I bought a S/H BMW that had an auto box and it was amazing, couldn't even feel it change gear. Then had a series of smaller vehicles and went back to a manual, then I bought a VW Passat and decided to get their DSG box and quite honestly it's the best car I've ever owned, I sold it bought a manual CR-V and I'm sick of it already so I'm currently hunting for another Passat and when I get it I will hang onto it for years. Maybe it's just a getting older thing but I like the easier driving style of auto's.
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Why dont you like diesel uxd?
Prefer Manual, driving an Auto at the moment, Audi Avant, going back to a Manual later this year.
Automatic now every time - after years of driving delivery vans round London and Home Counties, I've had enough gear changing to last a lifetime
I had an auto Mondeo years ago but got fed up with it, got an auto Saab now and love it.
Bright spark, dirty, smelly, noising slow, expensive ....need I go on! I accept diesel when I can't tell it's a diesel until then I'll leave it for trucks and tractors.

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