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Renewing Motor Insurance

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AB Editor | 09:51 Fri 11th May 2012 | Motoring
15 Answers

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  • I try to find the cheapest insurance on comparison sites - 112 votes
  • 44%
  • I hunt high and low in a number of different places for the best deal - 82 votes
  • 33%
  • I normally accept the renewal from my current insurer - 58 votes
  • 23%

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How come this says it went out at 0951 on Friday 11th?

Did you forget to press 'submit' Ed?
You have to be very careful with the cheapest, to a point cheapest is not always the best, you have to check your Insurance details very carefully to see what is covered, I never except my renewal Quote I always contact my Insurance, by doing this I find that the cost is slightly up from last year making the Quote way out.
Question Author
"Did you forget to press 'submit' Ed?"

Yes :)

"you have to check your Insurance details very carefully to see what is covered"

Yes, but who has time or inclination? Does anyone think that insurance companies should be forced to offer "laymens" terms alongside the legalese?
I've mentioned this tip before but I think it is worth repeating.
If you find the insurance deal you want on a comparison site, DON'T buy it from the site. Go to your chosen insurers own website and you should save up to another 20% as you are cutting out the cost of the middleman
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I got fed up with comparison sites because you tell them what you want, they come up with loads of really good deals then when you check the deals in detail you find that they aren't what you said you wanted (higher excess, no claims bonus protection not included and so on)
I usually do check a couple of other insurance firms but this year, my insurance had actually gone down and I was busy with other stuff so i just renewed.
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As TWR says.
I went onto a comparison site only a couple of weeks ago and found two prices considerably cheaper than my renewal - and with large, well known insurers. However, when checking all the details I found lots of 'extras' that I took as standard needed to be added to the prices which made the quotes more expensive.
I found my current insurer was third cheapest - and £40 less than my postal renewal price. So we haggled.
Comparison sites don't work for me due to a medical condition. They are OK for ballpark figures and to compile a shortlist but that is it. Last renewal the insurer I went with effed up on their quote but honoured the price anyway, saved me over three hundred smackers against the renewal from my existing insurers, and the cover is tip top, as vouched for by the missus who has been insured with them a couple of years and had to claim when she put her car on its roof (because she is a careful woman driver as opposed to a reckless male!)
Myself, I cover less than 10000 a year, car is off road on a drive behind gates, our area code is BB7, 2 full licence drivers within the age of 65, no accidents etc, I explain all this to my insurance, I do not know how the rest of you explain to your Insurance your details.
You are missing the option I tend to use. Look at the renewal, check for alternatives, and then renegotiate from existing provider. Insurance is not just about cost but about what you get for your money, and the cheap alternative (I know from experience) isn't always a good option.
I used a recommended broker through my son - A friendly little insurance company in Essex and got the best deal ever. I had been accepting renewals and wish I hadn't.
Thats the thing with comparison sites they dont show you the quotes that exactly match what your after eg excess at a set amount,protected ncd etc. I look round for cheapest price and see how much it would be for me as a new customer with current insurer and if its cheaper i go with that price.
Question Author
Thanks to everyone for their responses.

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Renewing Motor Insurance

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