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Need advice on work done

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hammerman | 15:40 Mon 14th May 2012 | Motoring
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Took car in today to ATS Euromaster to have a section of the exhaust done. Whilst it was there, i asked them to look at a knocking noise im getting when i go round corners or over bumps.

He showed me that one of the anti roll bar bushes was missing and it was just a case of unscrewing a nut and bolt and replacing. He said both sides should be replaced which is usual.

Total cost was £215

When i got the bill today, it was broken down and itemised. The exhaust cost £100 + vat, the "link" bit....which i presume was the little rubber bushes was £83 + vat and then they charged me another £25 to align the steering.

Questions for you people in the know....Do rubber bushes no more than an inch across really cost nearly £100 and did i need my steering re-aligned when i wasn't told i was getting it done nor did i ask for it ?

Many thanks



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What car is it, parts for Rolls Royce's cost a lot more than parts for an old fiesta.
Bushes would probably be about £30-£40 plus an hours work to fit them. Expensive but not outrageous.
Standard procedure to do steering re-alignment (tracking) after roll bar bushes replacement.
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Ok...thanks. Car is a Toyota Yaris
Presuming this is the correct part then a heavy mark up....
Doesn't seem overly excessive for the full kit.
My apologies of course they would do the full kit and not just the rubber bushes, shows how out of touch I am.

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