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Privatization of Road Infrastructure

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AB Editor | 13:09 Mon 19th Mar 2012 | Motoring
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Having travelled on continental motorways & also U/S main routes which I think are mostly PAYG I am inclined to advocate that ALL motorways in this country should be toll roads providing that they are properly maintained . I do not however agree that other major 'A' roads should be chargeable.

W Ron.
There is consistent major congestion at the Dartford crossing - caused by the toll collection.
^ L O L

They could raise the toll to £30.

If only 6% of people are queuing up to pay it's a win-win!
douglas....So far as I am concerned, they already have.

I admit to being a smoker and always enjoyed a pint or two of beer whilst going to a pub, accompanied by my wife. However, we no longer go to even our local village establishment, because of the restrictions imposed upon me by government nonsense.

If Government is serious on all which it says, then why hasn't it the courage to place tobacco on it's banned use of drugs; along perhaps with alcohol.... No, just look for another way to increase taxes and roads I feel are now on it's agenda.

vivandorron, // However, we no longer go to even our local village establishment, because of the restrictions imposed upon me by government nonsense.// Please explain Ron.

W Ron.
Hi W Ron......There is an 'Olde Worde' pub in my village which was built in the latter half of the fifteenth century. However, I can no longer enjoy a pint and a cigarette there. Consequently, I now stay at home and enjoy my cigarettes with a few glasses of red wine.

I am now wondering whether to give up the car in order to survive on my O.A.P. The ciggies don't appear to have done me any harm in over 60yrs and I can't recall when I last attended the doctors surgery; it must be over 10 yrs ago. However, the government isn't really bothered about old folk.

I don't see private companies rushing to operate toll roads if the M6 toll is anything to go by.

You'd be amazed at what private enterprise will rush to invest in. From past exerience government sell-offs tend to be a no lose situation for them. Having problems making a go at it ? Vital service that can't be allowed to fail ? See the government support flow in. Taxpayer will pay. And if the government realises the mistake and buys it back later at its current worth, then it's all the government's fault and they'll pay for any private losses too.
British Rail was making an operating profit but was heavily in debt to the government and interest charges on the debt was swallowing-up the profit. However, the government cancelled the outstanding debt (at a loss to taxpayers) when BR was privatised. Consequently, overseas investors soon jumped in to take control.

Been an Ex HGV Driver & covered thousands of UK roads, like many on here overtaken, helped, spoken to HGV drivers from abroad 7 asking their views of the UK, It's surprising the answers you get, to start driver from the majority of Europe has no need to fill up here due to Belly tanks under their trailors that will take them from the port of arrival to the port of departure, so they do not pay the UK Fuel tax fair play to them, they have more bloody sense than us, they also have been travelling on the UK Roads Free of charge! WHY? would they pay the Toll, would the hell like the rest of motorist they would clog up the old roads, can you blame them, why does the Government show the figures that go into the UK roads? does it? for the people that use the M6 South & the Toll, has it made a difference to the OLD M6 around the M5 Split?
The motor vehicle tax disc used to be referred to as a 'Road Fund Licence'. Why has it changed?
It now funds everything else Coldicot, another way to con the motorist.

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Privatization of Road Infrastructure

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