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Privatization of Road Infrastructure

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AB Editor | 13:09 Mon 19th Mar 2012 | Motoring
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don't we already pay a road tax? Shouldn't that money be used?

Of course, privatising the railways has led to greatly improved timekeeping, better rolling stock, less overcrowding and nicer sandwiches, so that's a good omen.
Question Author
The utility cited as a similar success by Cameron was the Water industry...
I wonder could this government come up with a way to tax the air we breath?
No matter what your political persuasion you must surely now question Dave's competence to do the job.

Those of us in the south would ask how the water companies are in anyway a success, except to the water companies?
The trouble is that once you have established the principle that people are prepared to pay to make their lives more 'convenient' in some doesn't take long before the 'bean-counters' then start finding myriad reasons to increase the amounts paid.
The success story of the drought ravaged south east where a quarter of piped water leaks away while dividends and bonuses are paid?
I predict privatised pothole paydays.
Cameron has to go!!!
Question Author
One main reason cited is that private companies would be able to get through the changes quicker than the government. Can anyone tell me why this might be? I cannot think of a reason why this might be true currently.
I suppose private companies don't have to contend with a democratically elected opposition.
Perhaps, most private companies in the u.k. are owned by overseas organisations, who are able to disregard British laws; or our government is weak and regularly overlooks matters.

Incidentally, I could be wrong in thinking that most of our water is under the control of foreign investors.

We have a system whereby the road are paid from the road fund licence, which demand umpteen times the amount spent on the road. We don't need to mess up the existing system either by a) putting up booths to slow everything to collect money yet again from the usual cash cow victim, nor b) go around monitoring where all decent citizens choose to drive in order to demand money from the usual cash cow victim. Any government fool who suggests it ought to be made an example of. It's already the government's job to ensure the roads are adequate for the demand.
very true, Ron, Perrier was once owned by Sir St-John Harmsworth, one of the British newspaper-owning family, but now it is part of Nestle in Switzerland.
I just wonder what the government is trying to sneak through under the cover of present controversy it has generated.
it'll be the Selling Into Slavery Of The Children Of The Poor Act, I expect, OG
What. Sell off more of our assets to foreign corporations?

A cash injection now and pay a fortune to the Germans or the French, or the Chinese, or the Arabs until doomsday?

Funny how making things better (ie reducing congestion/binge drinking/water management) always centres on the same thing; more money going from thevpockets of the citizen into the coffers of the corporations/government
The water companys sold the reservoirs to housing companies and made a profit, they fail to mend the leaks because there is no profit, to cure the drought they need more reservoirs so they will raise the water rates therefore making a profit.

Hello public or as the success that is the water companies call us, SUCKERS
"I wonder could this government come up with a way to tax the air we breath?"

There's already a levy on what we exhale so they're already half way there.

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Privatization of Road Infrastructure

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