The use of snow socks on car tyres

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SurreyGuy | 13:14 Sat 17th Dec 2011 | Motoring
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I've recently been hearing/seeing adverts for car tyre snow socks.

I've checked the Automobile Association's website and they are legal in the UK (albeit they must be removed once you are driving on a "clear road surface"), so my query does not pertain to that.

Has anyone actually used them before? If you have, can you please tell me:

Are they any good?





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I can only pass on what the guy at Haflords told me recently and that was they work fine but being fabric/rubber/wheatever he didn't expect them to last as long as chains.
£50/60 seems a bit much - I have invested in some winter tyres £300+
so won't get socks for christmas- yay
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Thanks guys.
There suppose to be very good in snow, i might get a pair.

certainly a lot cheaper and work better than winter tyres for grip.
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I may well do the same Toureman.

Mind you, I'm wondering if they are as "easy to fit" as the ads claim.
Watch the video SG..............


Look good !
asda sell them - £35
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Thanks folks

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The use of snow socks on car tyres

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