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Recently Bought a BMW....

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Kayless | 17:48 Fri 02nd Dec 2011 | Motoring
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When do I get the deeds to the roads? More to the point what are those orange lights at each corner for?


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Not - "corporate-clone-black" by any chance?
Question Author
not black!
they are called "indicators" but if you own a beemer
they dont apply to you !
Glad to hear it

We've been experiencing a sudden proliferation of big black German cars

I put it down to career insecurity and a sudden desire to project a "professional" "executive" image

Rather than look like just one of all the other...people.. driving ...big.. black....Oh damn!
Question Author
Believe me jake I'm as far from an executive clone as you can get, mine's and 8 year old used car not brand new M3! What colour is your Deux Chevaux
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I'll look forward to you cutting me up on a road near me, very soon!
Question Author
I'll get around to it eventually sara, us BMW drivers have to share the work in annoying other road users.
I bet he's bought another gay petrol one!!
What?...are you a "Dealer"?
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hmm bmw drivers now thats a contradiction in terms!!!! coz i aint seen one who can !
My friend (rich husband) has always had top of the range BMWs and she`s one of the most sensible drivers I know. In the 80s BMW drivers were the biggest idiots on the roads and all the Yuppy, city types used to drive them. Their place has now been taken by Chealsea Tractors.
BMW = British Motoring Wrecked.
Glad to see you getting into the spirit of BMW driving. However the most important point to make concerns joining and exiting motorways. When joining the motorway accelerate flat out along the slip lane so that you can shoot straight across to lane 3 [lanes 1 and 2 do not apply to BMW's & Merc's]. When leaving the motorway the opposite applies using the left hand indicators as an art form of arrogance. Happy motoring & note how other drivers will welcome your moves with friendly waving jestures and playful hooting of their horns.

However, no mention of this is made in the Highway Code...
You get the deeds to the entire road network when you trade your BMW in for an Audi

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Recently Bought a BMW....

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