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Ric.ror | 13:21 Fri 15th Apr 2005 | Motoring
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i am 42 yrs old I have had 4 driving lessons and am terrified of being on the road.  Does anyone know of a way I can quickly pass my test I was thinking of some off road lessons to build up my confidence behind the wheel before I go on the road


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I dont think off road lessons will help you much at all.  After learning basic car control, to pass your test you need to become familiar with driving in traffic and conditions you will come across on the road.  I think as you say you are 'terrified' you should maybe start driving on some quiet roads and build up slowly.  I know people who practised around industrial estates at night.  I dont think these intensive courses would help you as you only gain confidence and traffic anticipation with time.
driving lessons take time i only passed my test 2 weeks ago. it took me six months and had 2 hours a week. AVOIDING BUSY ROADS MAKES IT WORSE. just accept that it takes as long as it takes any take it easy. Any professional instructer will understand any fears you have and help you work through them.  intensive coures are expensive and dont allow you to develop a driving "instinct".
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Try an automatic you may be more relaxed. There used to be a special private road system in Norton, Sheffield for learners, for a small fee. There may be something like that near you.

Look for schools / instructors who advertise as specialising in "nervous" pupils.

Re: intensive courses, I do disagree somewhat. When I initially learnt to drive, I found that a week's gap between sessions meant that I had a whole week to worry about the next lesson. Also found that I'd just start to build up my confidence during a lesson towards the end of the hour & then it'd be time to go home. So, I had an intensive course, run by BSM, and this consisted of 4 hour sessions over 1 week. Personally, I found this concentrated attention and practice far more useful.

I passed my test at the end of it - and have never had an accident in 15 years. Admittedly, I wasn't a complete novice when I took it though.

Of course you're scared of the road - you've only had a few lessons!

Do you have a trading estate near you? These are traditionally full of learner drivers crawling along at 5 miles an hour with a terrified parent/spouse in the passenger seat. I used to go on a Sunday and on weekday evenings and it was great.

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