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how much petrol to travel 48 miles

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madonna-fan | 12:32 Wed 14th Sep 2011 | Motoring
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How much would it cost me in petrol ,to travel 48 miles(24 there ,24 back,)5 times a week in a 1600car.
i know it depends on fuel consuption and the price of the petrol varies,
many thanks in advance.


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it also depends on type of road - through city centre in rush hour / along a dual carriageway out of rush hour.
it varies a lot, but you might do 48 miles to the gallon on a motorway if you've got an economical car. A gallon's about £6.10, so you'd spend that on each trip.

But with a less efficient car, on city streets, you might spend twice as much.
Try this website which records real life mpg.... and also quotes what the manufacturer says (never reality!).
Assuming normal roads(not motorway) - at average 35 mpg it would cost just over 35.00 per week in petrol.
Dont forget the real cost of all the wear and tear on your car (tyres etc).
(assuming cold starting each trip .. and a car that is not new and super-efficient (ie Focus/Vectra, etc)
Al must have a very aggressive driving style!

My 1600cc Escort costs 15p per mile in petrol. So 240 miles would cost £36.

try this site to calculate
Al has a 2.0L twin turbo, supercharged Ford, Chris, using alkylates as his principal fuel...... what he doesn't say is that he can cover the distance in 40 minutes, even allowing for rush hour.
I can get 9 out of mine on a good day (with toe down a bit, mind you)

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how much petrol to travel 48 miles

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