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Autumn Driving Concerns

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AB Editor | 09:42 Wed 14th Sep 2011 | Motoring
12 Answers

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  • Low Sun Dazzling Or Causing Other Visibility Problems. - 60 votes
  • 46%
  • Other Road Users Not Being Prepared For Changing Road Conditions. - 49 votes
  • 37%
  • Sudden Changes in the Weather, Such as First Frosts on the Road. - 17 votes
  • 13%
  • Early Darkness as the Days Get Shorter. - 5 votes
  • 4%

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Question Author
This is true, although they don't make the roads any more dangerous in most cases - just a little frustrating!
The ones that leave mud everywhere do.

I am perpetually concerned about other drivers. Some people get in their cars and leave all common sense at their departure point.
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lol Trim....
Question Author
Ah, I've not experienced that while driving, although I have while cycling in Belgium... But then, everyone in Belgium seemed to be on a tractor...
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My biggest concern when driving in Autumn is the same as it is duringthe rest of the year. All the idiots one finds on the road. Changing conditions have little to do with it.
With the roads becoming damp & leaves dropping on the roads this becomes a skid pan, it's another but not the same as Aquaplaning, this been leaves not water, Advise if taken, mobile fully charged, car fueled up, oil/water/windscreen washers, torch, leave contacted details if on a long journey, If very frosty DO NOT try & get your wipers to work without FIRST LIFT YOUR WIPERS OFF THE SCREEN, the result if not done, a blown fuse/ rubbers on the wiper K@ckered, signs of Ice, Glittering on the road surface & a very light steering & the most important, use your head not your RIGHT FOOT. there will only be one winner in Ice / Snow & I've no need to say who the winner will be. Amen.
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You're in the site, amadu?
Perhaps it's an age thing because I seem to be agreeing regularly with O_G.

There are a lot of idiots on the road, so Viv and I try to be as careful as possible at all times; irrespective of what time of the year it is.

It was a summer afternoon when Viv was driving us home along a country lane which has some very narrow sections; particularly on bends. She spotted over the hedgerow a large van approaching a bend shortly ahead of us and immediately stopped so that the van could pass 'safely'. I dread to think what could have happened if it had been winter with ice/snow on the road surface.

The van came around the very sharp bend and its driver had a mobile phone in his left hand and only his right on the steering wheel. He seemed to be a decent sort of chap because he did acknowledge Viv having stopped by giving a short wave with his right hand, whilst continuing to speak on his mobile.!!!!!


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