will getting a scooter lower my transport costs ?

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Thunderchild | 22:14 Sun 11th Sep 2011 | Motoring
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I hatched a plan, buy a scooter, use less fuel and the scooter will pay for itself and some.

I have a 6.5 mile journey to work so my 1.8L mondeo kind of uses some fuel as I'm half way there before the engine is fully warmed up.

However I read on the retailers website for the scooter that I will save 55-80% in petrol compared to a car, how is this possible ? the scooter must weigh a fraction of my car and has an engine that is 1/36th - 1/14th the size.

I'd also need to get a license, is this expensive ? I understand it needs renewing every two years.

Is this not such a good idea after all ?


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I do ride occasionally however in bad weather it is not always an option and to be honest it is not a nice route including some extremely steep hills, I'd have to share country lanes will full sized lorries that regularly use the road I would use as it has the local landfill site on. As it is i cringe every time I have to overtake a work colleague on a bike with my car. A 50cc scooter has limited speed I believe unless this is some sort of age restriction but still it does not convince me, I'd feel better with 125cc
Yes an ordinary car licence is OK for up to 50cc. This site has lots of info.
My 1.6l Escort costs about 15p per mile to run (in fuel alone) so I'd estimate a couple of quid, there and back, for a 6.5 mile drive to work. So that would be around £10 per week or about £450 per year (for a 5 day week, with a reasonable holiday allowance).

Let's assume that because of the higher engine size, starting from cold and possible peak-time traffic, that your car would use a third more fuel. So that's £600 per year.

Taking the rough mid-point of "55% to 80%" as 'around two thirds', you'd save £400 per year by using the scooter (solely for your journeys to and from work).

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I will need a license as i took my full driving test on 2004 and your car license is valid only if you took it before 2001 infact I have no bike symbols on my licence, it is B and B1, as I'd need a licence anyway I'd just get the 125cc and know i have a little more scope than going just faster than I can run or ride
scooters aren't all that good in the crap weather either though
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That means it would take at least 2 years to recover my costs without considering insurance although hopefully reducing my car mileage will reduce my car insurance and save some money for the scooter, how much is scooter insurance ?
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I still can't understand why though a scooter needs so much fuel
you'll probably spend at least £100 doing your cbt too
If you SAVE 80% in fuel, you're only USING 20% of what you previously would have.

Scooters might be lighter than cars (and with smaller engines) but they're less aerodynamic and still subject to similar (or possibly greater) energy losses when transferring power between the engine and the wheels.
It,s going to cost more than everyone thinks!

take a look at the link.

Not worth it unless you want to get a motorcycle license to regularly ride a bike.
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oh well sounds like that idea is scrapped. Thank you everyone for your advice
But wait ... a scooter will also make you look like a trendy "guy about town".

That's worth something!
Bicycle would be the cheapest and healthist option!
... and the sweatiest.
A scooter is fine on a fine day, hell otherwise
I'm picturing "Alfie" here !
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while the "image" it would give me would be nice it's not something i can consider seriously, unless I was to take to it as a hobby as well.
I am in my late thirtys, I bought off fleabay a 2008 scooter for £200 (off a local company that sells them i might add). The insurance for me was around £50. i did not need to take any tests as my licence allowed me to ride it. It costs from EMPTY at a push £3.50 to fill up. my return journey to work is 7 miles. A tank will last me exactly a week. NOW my lovley motor (2.5 diesel) costs me around £20 ish a week.m It did not take long to re-coup the costs. PLUS if I want to nip into town I get free parking parking for the chicken chaser as the car would cost to park. TBH best thing I did was to but it. Although its a bit heart wrenching when the old rain comes down!
for what its worth, the time you put all your scooter clothing & helmet on etc
theres a good 5 minutes gone once you have got the scooter out, then when you get to work you would have to remove protective clothing secure scooter theres a few more minutes gone, & on a hot day you would roast when stationary.

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