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Sharpie 49 | 23:35 Mon 11th Apr 2005 | Motoring
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Does anyone know how to bypass the immobiliser on my Scenic,as the button on the key does not activate the locking system and I have to enter a four digit code manually every time I want to start the car. My local Renault dealer charged me �120 to diagnose that my problem is probably the E C Unit and a replacement would cost a further �660 and another key another �80--if bought at the same time! Renault say there is no way to bypass the system, but if anyone out there knows of a way, I would appreciate it if I were told. Thanks.


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I'm sorry I can't help you. In fact, I have the same problem with a Megane, and they want to charge an amount that makes me feel being robbed!! As a system engineer I am sure that there EXISTS a bypass for the inmobilizer, but Renault will not give the information on how to put it to work. I feel that Renault is being very irresponsible with it's clients. As a car owner, I should have the information to activate or deactivate any function. We, owners, should unite and put pressure on Renault to get the information, based on our custormer's rights. They can't keep us tied to them forever.

Renault immobiliser problems

although Renault will not admit there is a problem with the imobiliser system there is a simple way to avoid the expense. First of all you have not stated what year your scenic is. but if you are in the UK I would say the reg is a R or a S reg. Possibly a late P or early T.

The problem effects both Renault Megane and Scenic Vehicles. Most times you will find you are in a car park possibly surrounded by concrete. Normally multi storey or basements.

Use your key to lock the car then use the key to unlock the car. Now sit in the car hold the the immobiler on the key fob as close to the sensor on the ceiling of the car its a dark bubble near between the sunvisor. click the immobilser once then once again the first click will lock you in the second will release the doors and you can then use your immobilser system to start your car.

Dont pay out for a new system they will fit you a brand new faulty system. If this cures your problem donate �5 to any Children or Cancer Charity you will be the only one who will know if you do this or not.

Good luck to you and please pass on the word and the donation advice.

Best Wishes


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I own a 1998 diesel renault megane with an immobiliser issue and you can find out the answers in another forum I joined. c.php?t=23688

after searching for this problem, i have found that inside the key fob, the LED that provides the infrared, becomes unsoldered from the circuit board inside the key. this is an easy fix for those with a soldering iron. you will have no more problems with the key as long as the LED is soldered into its original posistion. im shocked that renault have failed to make this info readily available. i have fixed 3 cars with the fabled immobiliser problem. so there is no need to have your security bypasssed which also means losing your remote central locking capability. please feel free to email me if you have any queries
I can honestly say this saved my bacon, soldiered the little red light back on solved it, Thanks sharpie
The link posted they give you a bypass code so you can start your car and reprogramme your key. Only costs £5.00 and it worked for me. worth a shot!

Mine wouldnt start and water got into the roof sensor so i just manually bypassed it with the code they give you.

Hope that was of some help


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