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Toyota Yaris automatic

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wolshouse | 20:25 Tue 26th Jul 2011 | Motoring
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Just bought an almost new Toyota Yaris automatic + manual. I have driven for donkey's years and no car has defeated me yet. However, I am finding it difficulty to drive slowly,smoothly. Any ideas please?


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what's an auto+manual? Is it tiptronic?
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I haven't noticed that word in the handbook. It refers to multi-mode. The more I read the handbook, the more worried I become. There are a lot of do's and don'ts.
0k, so i presume then that you can either select manual or auto modes and there is no clutch?
I get the same problem when starting from cold. I put it down to the automatic choke but after a while this cuts off and drives normally.
I recall sometime ago, Honest John – he of the Daily Telegraph, commenting on the fact that the tiptronic gear change could take a bit of getting used to – and even then, could still be a bit jerky.

If you know someone who has the same vehicle – ask them to drive your car, just to check that it is not a gearbox fault, causing the problems.
After two discs in my back decided to compress my spine, an automatic was the only thing I could drive in heavy Dublin traffic. It took some getting used to, you don't have a clutch to control slow movement so it takes a lot of getting used to. Only practice will get your right foot accustomed.

My wife who has always been on my policy jumped into my automatic when I first got it to move it to get her car off the drive. She nearly destroyed herself with fright and has never driven it since. But it is cheaper to keep her on the policy even if she never drives it :-)
unfortunately auto boxes never seem to work quite as well in smaller cars also as part of my job i drive many different vehicles and Toyota autos are not top of my list of nice cars to drive....
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Thank you one and all. The Ford Focus 2 litre we had was a dream automatic gearbox compared to this smaller car and I do think that is one of the answers. I did try a Fiesta 1.4 automatic and that also had the same gear box as the bigger car. However, the road tax was quite high compared to the Toyota and I am having to watch the pennies now.
when i had a smart car - it had a tiptronic gearbox, and the choice to either drive it with the gearstick but no clutch or fully auto. I NEVER drove it fully auto because it never changed gear when i wanted it to i could hear the engine revving and it wouldn't change. I now have a mercedes 1.5l auto and it's very smooth - perhaps it does depend on size of engine?
can i ask - do you have to move a gearstick to change gear
smart car is an awful auto box...nasty delay when pulling of from a standstill, strange when you consider they are something to do with Mercedes which have superb auto boxes and coincidentaly Mercs manual boxes are not the greatest.(luckily they dont fit very many)
'coincidentally' missed the extra 'l'
Might as well have it check on the toyota carshop. Media URL:

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Toyota Yaris automatic

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