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Problems With Toyota Yaris Automatic

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max26758 | 06:47 Fri 12th May 2017 | Motoring
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I have a 62 plate Toyota Yaris automatic and have a problem with it standing for some days and then it will not start. garage have checked battery and say it is fine but surely there must be a fault somewhere. Has anyone come across this problem as it is a constant worry.


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Does the engine turn over? Is it at normal speed or slowly? Does it fire but not catch? When was it last serviced?
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Thank you bhg481. The car does not need servicing. We have had this problem at least 4 times. It has keyless door opening & keyless ignition and there was no sign of life. As soon as jump leads connected it fires up immediately but the garage insist there is no problem with the battery even though the AA breakdown engineer insisted we needed new battery.
I am at the stage of contacting Toyota head office to get some answers as this should not happen as often as this.
have you got anyone with a multimeter to check the battery charge when it won't start? I'm no mechanic but if the battery is flat either it's faulty, it's not charging or something in the car is on and draining it while it's standing.
We have keyless ignition on our Volvo and, just occasionally, we get a message saying "key not recognised" or "no key present" and the engine won't turn over. If we then put the key into the hole in the dashboard it starts with no problem; it could be worth a try.
Quite right, Prudie , it has to be one of those three. Go to a reputable garage, a check should only take minutes.
It does seem suspicious that it starts immediately with jump leads. Engines take hundreds of amps when starting and your battery is probably the same age as the car, so it might be worth changing it for peace of mind.
Max - my partners Yaris had the same problem and it turned out to be the battery on the keyfob. When you get in the car does the green key light keep flashing? A tip that the AA mechanic told us when it happened is to hold the key next to the start button and it 'more often than not' gets the car started. Toyota say the battery (in the key) should be changed at least every 12 months. Hope this helps

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Problems With Toyota Yaris Automatic

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