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Hit in the rear while turning off the road (UK) who is at fault?

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maxxev | 17:17 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Cars
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Hi. UK driver.

To get right to the point:
My road is on the bend of a busy main road with traffic lights about 20 meters ahead, just visible from the left hand lane when travelling towards the lights.

Was turning from the main road into my road (right).
A car had just turned into my road.
There was no on-coming traffic in the other direction and the traffic lights ahead had turned red,
I turned right into my road but the car in front was forced to stop (due to oncoming traffic in the middle of the road (passing parked cars), I was then also forced to stop while still being VERY partially in the left hand lane of the main road.
At this point I was hit from behind, very gently on my far left lumper by his far right bumper.

The damage is to the bumper, but because they are all integral these days it needs to be entirely replaced.

Who would you say is at fault?
Though I do think there is no way someone should have hit me as I was NOT going fast and obviously had not even left the road by the time they started accelerating.


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In my mind it's always the car that's at the back ie does the hitting that is to blame, you were stopped so it cant be your fault at all. did you get their details?
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I would imagine the other driver would argue that you pulled across oncoming traffic.
to my mind, the car that hit you had a clear view of the road ahead, he would have seen whether you had cleared the junction or not and should have slowed down or stopped, as you are facing away from the accident scene, I doubt you would be at fault.
This is a duplicate post, answered at length yesterday http://www.theanswerb...e/Question977341.html
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Yes, it is I couldn't work out if it should go in motoring or insurance... tried both, sorry for the duplication.


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Hit in the rear while turning off the road (UK) who is at fault?

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