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Vectra or Mondeo

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shiznit | 12:57 Thu 13th Jan 2011 | Cars
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My faithful 2003 Mondeo TDci lost it's turbo charger the other day and Im looking for a replacement car. I have been looking at the above and was wondering what you guys thought about each vehicles as they are both evenly priced second hand with similar specs and mileage. I'm looking at 07-08 plates



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The experts would say that the Mondeo is probably the better car overall, but I personally would prefer the Vectra
vectra everytime i've had both and the mondeo doesn't compare to the vectra
i have an 06 petrol vectra sri 1.8 vvt - its great - i have had it for 4 years now - it has 58k and usually by this time i am itching to change - not with this one - I cant say there is anything about it I dont like. It was cheap to buy and the computer says that I have done just under 36mpg since i have had it. I tried a mondeo and didnt like the interior - personal choice. Definately recommend. Good luck either way.
Not being a badge snob and having an element of originality about me, if I was spending my own money on a car this size, it would be an Skoda Octavia. Also, look less like a rep!
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Thanks for the answers, I've been looking at the 2.2 Vectra's, very impressed. Loved my Mondeo but fancy a change. Vectra SRi spec is great, but CDti Exclusiv ain't too shabby.
I spend my days working on both. Exercise caution when buying any High pressure common rail diesel.

Most mondeos can suffer injector code failure at anywhere around 80k. The water pumps/PAS pump design although easy to work on can cause problems. The pre heat plugs in the coolant will probably only work for a few months ( mostly to do with poor coolant choice from ill informed garages.)

Vectras have notoriously delicate pump electronics which can take a oop at any mileage....

I was privy to a manufacture wide instruction not to change proprietry fuel filters as there is/was/assumed a risk of introducing foreign matter into the system. Whilst some should take note, i have personally had 3 mondeo's with ill diagnosed ( other 'workshops' ) pump failure ...... All requiring filters.

Best regards.
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I ended up replacing the turbo, better the devil you know and all that, then 2 week later ran in the back of some young lad after he did the dodgiest lane change ever. Insurance wrote the car off because of high milage.

I've gone with the Vectra SXi TDCi and I love it, kids love it as well as there is more space.

Thank you for all your answers

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Vectra or Mondeo

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