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Where can I learn about London Black Cabs?

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JonnyBoy12 | 13:17 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Cars
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I would like to know more about London Black Cabs, or more precisely the company that makes them. I think that they are called Manganese Bronze Holdings, but would like to know the following facts:

How much do they cost each?

What size engines can you get in them?

What fuel economy do they deliver?

What is their top speed?

Can they be used in areas other than London, ie out in the country?

What is the furthest a "fare" has ever been in one of them?

How long have they been around?


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TYou can use them anywhere. Indeed I have seen them all over the country and many are made for private use most famously by Stephen Fry.

All change soon.....................


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Where can I learn about London Black Cabs?

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