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Alternator Repair

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Le-Chat | 18:06 Thu 04th Jan 2024 | Cars
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I had a new alternator fitted in my car last January 23. In December this year, it failed again. The garage initially charged me, until i produced the receipt from January and now they have refunded me the cost of the part but not their labour, as they say it is the part that was under warranty, not the labour.

Does anyone know if this is correct? It doesn't sound it to me. 



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The garage wouldn't have made the new alternator so can hardly be held to blame for its failing. If you had a written warranty that said "parts & labour" maybe you would have a claim.

Changing an alternator should only take about 30 mins - £30 labour cost?

You need to look at the warranty. 

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The labour is £172.00. If it were £30 I'd let it go.

The warranty is not my warranty. The garage are claiming from wherever they bought it, so I have no clue what it says.

The labour cost seems a lot & I too would be upset but I don't think you will succeed in getting it refunded. Sorry.

You need to check the contract with the garage - if it says parts and labour then they are responble for fitting a replacement free of charge - but you must give them the chance to repair - you cannot simply cannot ask for a full refund. If you did not give them the option to fit a replacement which they would get foc if the original was faulty, then you are not entitled for a labour refund 

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Alternator Repair

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