Lovely Rolls Royce Dawn On Last Nights Top Gear !

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mikey4444 | 13:56 Mon 27th Jun 2016 | Cars
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I know we not exactly knee-deep in Top Gear lovers here on AB, and I'm not that keen myself. But I thought that new Rolls Royce Dwan on last nights show was really super !


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I thought last nights episode was entertaining, Matt Le Blanc is charming.
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Randy...I rather agree with you there. He is an easy person to like.

I am just glad that Clarkson and the ruddy Hamster are gone !
That Rolls does look good! As a non-driver I always enjoyed the show with the old line-up. I watch this series (last night's recorded, yet to view) & agree Leblanc is very personable & watchable, as is Sabine Schmitz.

IMO though, Evans is a waste of air & airtime & Chris Harris, Rory Reid & Eddie Jordan are, in order, dull, dull & duller.

One of many links to a related story from the weekend -

Didn't even occur to me to watch it last night tbh.
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Evans doesn't appear to be very popular, does he !

I always thought he was a twit, but twits seem to go down well on Top Gear, so I thought nothing more about it.
Matt will not get his way, it's the Chris Evans Show not Top Gear re-invented.

///The alleged demand is said to have left BBC chiefs with no choice but to sack one of the hosts – because they have already agreed to pay Le Blanc for two series.///

get rid of the lot of them and have another idea for a programme about petrolheads and chuggabugs (imo)
Am sure the brainiacs o various channels are paid enough to come up with ideas and not to regurgiate things
I know, the beeb makes a fortune out of the Top Gear franchise, but really!?? time to have let it have it's day
// But I thought that new Rolls Royce Dwan on last nights show was really super ! //

at a quarter of a milllon quid for the basic model it ought to be :-)

Question Author was a very pretty car !

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Lovely Rolls Royce Dawn On Last Nights Top Gear !

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