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Family at War

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mata hati | 15:34 Fri 29th Aug 2008 | TV
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Does anyone remember the old series Family at War set in England ( maybe London?) Father was played by Joss Ackland. and a very young very much less chunky John Nettles appeared in it too, going out with the daughter (in law?) with big teeth !
I would love to see that again - anyone else ?


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I watched it all a few months ago - got the dvds from my local library. :)

I also watched We'll Meet Again.

Fabby stuff
Question Author
Thanks Ethel -
I live in France so no chance of the library having it here!
Hi mata - I loved this! xxx
I remember it - but the father was Colin Douglas, not Joss Ackland.

Colin Douglas played Haskins' boss in 'The Sweeney'.
Question Author
Was it not him Andy ? - so much for my memory!
and I dont think I have ever watched the Sweeney.

(I wonder why that was, she thinks with a puzzled frown)
Brilliant series, also loved "Pennies from Heaven"
You could buy the boxed set though, mata hari

Keep you occupied for hours on these winter evenings that are on their way
Question Author
Thats so true Ethel!
I will keep my eye open on Ebay!
At the moment we are wading trough Twin Peaks, trying to make some sort of sense this time around!
OOOh! that Bob!
It was set in Liverpool not London and was about the Ashton family.

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Family at War

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