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Remember the wilkins family 1974, well now come the Hughes

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puddicat | 17:28 Thu 28th Aug 2008 | TV
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This documentary was a first in 1974, now bring on the the Hughes,they will have 21 cameras on them 24/7, they hail from canterbury kent, ooooooooo posh then lol, apparently they found this family through there supermarket loyalty card wot,its called the family and starts on channel 4 september 17th at 9pm!!!!


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Not exactly the Osbournes is it? Don't think I'll bother.
I think I'll bother puddi! sounds interesting! xxx
Question Author
hi sachs it was a first in reality tv watch and savour lol!!!!
I will puddi! xxx
Question Author
u have to give it a chance, dont think about todays realty shows!!!!
i used to love the wilkins, will have a look at it. where did you find out about it?
Question Author
Gina the "Family" starts on channel 4 on september 17th at 9pm, i remember the wilkins being the first fly on the wall documentary, they have alot to answer for lol!!!
just been reading that the mother died a few weeks ago!

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Remember the wilkins family 1974, well now come the Hughes

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