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henrys | 22:12 Tue 30th Jan 2007 | TV
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went into to dond
cannot see info about to days game
i missed it
thank you


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It was a real stinger.

Leannes game ~ she dealt at �26,000 with the two big ones still on the board. Her next offer would have been �52,000. The two big ones were left on the board. The following offer would have been �172,000.

Leanne had �100,000 in her box.
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thank you v much
Ouch I bet that hurt poor girl.

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you bet it did
i bet she is still feeling bad
Well put it this way ~ Big Dennis shed a tear or two!

Oh well..�26,000 shouldn't be sniffed at, eh? to be honest I felt more sorry for the guy the other day ~ forgotten his name..the Welsh bloke?
..the one who dealt at about the same money, and had the 1/4 million in his box.
When is Dennis going to get his turn? I have only really just started to watch this show and it seems like he has beenon it for a long time. How does it effect people who go to work? Do they have to take long periods of time off work? Strange one that I sit there pondering it everytime I watch it....

I bet when Dennis does get his turn I will miss it.
They film 3 shows a day, spurslady :o)

I hope when Dennis has his turn he wins a huge amount!

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