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I Ever There Was A Lovable Pundit . . .

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Canary42 | 19:34 Sun 17th Dec 2023 | TV
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. . . then it's Ian Wright.  Always ready with a witty riposte, never takes himself too seriously. So different from "me-me-me" Shearer and "Crisps" Lineker.

Sadly he's decided to retire.

Bye bye Wrighty, and thanks for everything (sure you won't change your mind?)




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*If ever


I have always thought that Ian Wright was the very embodiment of the concept that doing something well does not autmoatically mean that you can talk about it equally well to a general audience.

I am far from an expert, or even a fan of football, but I am aware of Mr Wright's very considerable expertise on the pitch, leading to a sterling reputation as a player of note.

But as an armchair viewer, and that makes me the majority, i found his analysis and delivery on various football programmes to be more in line with being the class clown, than someone to be taken seriously as an expert.

His points may well have validity, but for me, they were always utterly lost in his imitation of an over-stimlated child at a party who needs attention, and will make as much fuss and noise as is needed to attract it.

On the very rare occasions I watch football programmes, usually to accompany Mrs Hughes who is an avid football fan, I will probably not even notice Mr Wright's absence.


There seems to be a plethora or ex-players of varying broadcasting skills, who will be looking in to fill his space.

I know that his absence will assist in the reduction of Mrs Hughes' blood pressure.


As an ex-Arsenal player, his presence in our television within sight and sound of the current Stoke City stadium, used to bring the temper of Mrs Hughes (a season ticket holder of many years) to a pitch of temper that made out windows rattle and the neigbourhood dogs and cats scurry for shelter.

But if you liked, and will miss him, I hope his replacement will be to your liking.

It was very moving when he met his old teacher ...

Any ally of Gary Lineker is an enemy of mine.

Question Author

What a wonderful video Ellipsis, thanks for the link.

I don't mind Ian wright as a pundit, but if I had to choose a favourable one then it'd be Danny Murphy who used to love scoring past United for L'pool and Fulham. He talks football sense on 'Talksport' and MOTD.

One of the best I know if is ex-Stoke player Mike Pejic who consistently talks common sense on our local BBC radio station, and would be an asset to Match Of The Day.

You're welcome, Canary42.

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I Ever There Was A Lovable Pundit . . .

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