Is Schitts Creek The Best Series Ever?

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lynbrown | 16:03 Mon 15th Nov 2021 | TV
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I really love SC and all the people in it. Any other fans around?


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No to your first question.
Haven't a clue to your second.
Certainly the best this year . Loved it .
What's it about?
It's about a creek where the townsfolk go to schitt. :-)))
Sounds like pants.
I watched the first 4 or 5 episodes but couldn't get into it.
It has won a sackful of awards.
Once you get into the characters, it is very funny.
I've watched quite a few, must get around to watching the others.
I've tried watching it and didn't find it remotely funny, gave up in the end. Perhaps it's me.
totally dire, turned off after 10 minutes.
OP, You should give Red Dwarf a try... that is funny.
I made the mistake of watching a few episodes and stopped. Sqad gave a recommendation for SC , I’m happy I followed his advice……….. so funny .
cdnt get into it
tried twice
Is it a reverse Beverley Hillbillies?
i really liked it. My current binge is ted lasso - it's great!
My sister recommended this. Loves it.
It's only on Apple T.V, though?..
Ted Lasso
No - Succession is
yes patsy, only on apple tv

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Is Schitts Creek The Best Series Ever?

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