Decline And Fall

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mikey4444 | 19:28 Fri 31st Mar 2017 | TV
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One of my favourite books !....should be fun !


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i get tired by 9 but might watch this tonight.
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Emmie....I, too, are a bit knackered by 21.00, but there is always the wonderful iplayer ....the best thing since sliced bread!
How disappointing. I thought it was going to be Gibbon's history or the Roman empire.
of course i didn't think of that, will see what i feel like later on.
currently watching Michael Portillo on his Great Continental railways journeys..
It is being well done Mikey, but the book was always going to be more amusing. Sports day was hilarious in the book.Tip when you want to flag up an older op just use the same thread.
I didnt like the book - an instant success in the twenties
as much as Vile Bodies

suprrising he morphed into the author of the sword of honour trilogy
Never read it but was looking forward to this & it didn't disappoint - absolutely hilarious, thoroughly enjoyable, completely brilliant!
Hi Lie In. Glad you enjoyed it, will be tuned in next week for sure. Quick aside, what was that term you once used to describe bringing a thread back into latest posts if you wanted to resurrect it? Driving me mad trying to remember.
Bump ?
I thoroughly enjoyed this tonight, it was very reminiscent of Porterhouse Blue (Tom Sharpe) which I loved.
Funny! Rang a bell when I remember (in my days on 'Supply') being allocated form 5X (honestly) for woodwork all Friday afternoon with snow falling and lying on the ground - they had been making sledges all term and I had to make them do theory! (This was an outer-Bradford Comp..)
That no blood was shed is one of my proudest boasts.
That is the word Mamy.... I was trying to explain it to Mikey and had a senior hour. Phew I can sleep now, Thank You. Yes Mikey when you want to repeat an op that you fear has gone under the radar, just post "Bump" on the same thread. :))
P.S I first heard it used by LiK on the Fantasy Football Threads.
Wow I watched because it was discussed on R4 this morning that someone had to leave the set for laughing so much. have to admit it didn't even raise a smile. reminded me of a 6th form farce and not my cup of tea.
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Very funny and well played by all, especially David Suchet....can't wait until next week !
I've recorded it.

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Decline And Fall

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