You've Been Framed

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excelsior-1 | 10:12 Sun 10th Mar 2013 | TV
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Never watched it before, but i have now started to

Some of the clips are hilarious, i shall endeavour to tune in every week however, i think the voice of harry hill continuously yakking throughout them is un-necessary

Am i the only one who thinks this?


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Harry Hill is the one thing that makes it worth watching.

Love his sarcastic comments.
No, you're not the only one. I've never found Harry Hill remotely funny and don't understand his popularity at all. His inane drivel often spoils the clips for me. One good thing though - at least you only hear his voice and don't have to look at him!
The previous presenters of the programme were better - Jeremy Beadle and Lisa Riley.
Agree hHrry Hill has spoiled it for me in comparison to previous presenters. Actually I much prefer sky's Ooops Tv with Justin Lee Collins, he does make me laugh.
Agree-we were watching it last night and the rubbish he was talking drove us nuts.
I cant believe you have never watched you've been framed until now! it was originally presented by jeremy beadle when it began in 1990
Crikey! Over 20 years of this.Harry Hill's the only thing that makes it bearable.
I never miss an opportunity to say that I think this is the worst kind of cheap nasty expoloitative television on anywhere in the world.

How is it funny when a child falls over - and note that they edit the clip so it ends as the child draws breath to scream in shock and pain.

It is nasty brutish voyerism, and should be banned!
only the animal ones, they are often hilarious...

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