Star Wars confusion

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Cmitchell | 13:50 Wed 08th Dec 2004 | Media & TV
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Hi Folks

I'm confused!
Did George Lucas write 6 or 9 Star Wars books?

I saw Star Wars (can't remember the year) then saw Empire Strikes Back (1980?), then saw Return of the Jedi (1983?).

So was The Phantom Menace (1999?) the first book even though it's the 4th film to be made?
If that is true then the Attack of the Clones must be the 2nd book even though it's the 5th film? Right?

The one that's being made at the moment is called Revenge of the Sith, am I right? So is that the last one?

Can someone please put me right on this? I'm in such a pickle!!!

Many thanks



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He didn't write any Star Wars books. Though he is the credited author of the novelisation of Episode IV: A New Hope (the first movie) it is generally accepted that it was written by Alan Dean Foster.


He did write the script for "Star Wars" which, when it hit big, he announced was part of a huge epic spanning 9 films (some sources quote 12), and "Star Wars" was the first part of the middle trilogy. (There are various internal inconsistencies in the movies that suggest this was a bit of a fib). It was subsequently renamed to "Episode IV: A New Hope". The next 2 movies made were Eps 5 & 6: "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi".


Then he went back to film "Episode I: The Phantom Menace", and announced that there were only 6 films, and that it would all make sense. The general feeling was that he didn't trust anyone else with his baby if he should pass on. This was followed by "Episode II: Attach of the Clones", and next year's movie is "Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith".


Recent rumblings suggest that he thinks he will live long enough to see out 3 more films, as there are suggestions that there will be 9 parts after all.

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Now is AOTC a sequel to the prequel or the second prequel! Just thought I'd ask.


Both - a sequel to TPM, but a prequel to the first-released trilogy (ANH, ESB & RotJ).

he don't write books. but he did make an unreleased star wars film called the holiday special. hes destroyed all copies now. but it included wookie porn helmets, leia singing and 20 minutes of unsubtitled wookie speak. bet ya didn't no dat!
The "Holiday Special" was broadcast on US TV, and so is now available on P2P and at conventions. I haven't bothered to watch it, but it seems to be something that people are glad they saw for completist reasons, but never want to see again!


Goerge wrote a sotry that turned out so long, that he split it into many, ie, 9.

when he decided to make a film, he choose book number 4, a new hope as it was the best as a standalone film, he didint ever expect it to be the hit it was. Once it was a hit, he then went on to do empire stirkes back etc.

the order is

1) the phantom menace (4th film to be made)

2) attack of the clones (5th film to be made

3) revenge of the sith (6th film to be made)

4) a new hope (1st film to be made)

5) empire strikes back (2nd film to be made)

6) return of the jedi (3rd film to be made)

although he has 3 other stories, he has said he will not make them into films,

hope that helps


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Star Wars confusion

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