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corrie or eastenders

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afcjan | 15:25 Sun 15th Feb 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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it said in todays paper that the majority of people who live in London prefer eastenders to corrie... well I must be the odd one out cos I think eastenders is rubbish and corrie is brill.

anyone else prefer corrie to eastenders.


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Yes, no contest as far as I'm concerned and I was born in the South East of England - now in the South West.
Corrie every time and I'm a southerner.
Corrie, and I originate from London. East enders is just one continuous noise - it does my head in!!!
I think they are trying to purport some sort of north/south divide that simply doesn�t exist.

I�m a Londoner, and I would choose Corrie over EE any day.
I change my fave all the time. sometimes Eastenders can be boring and dragged out storylines, sometimes corrie can be
I live in the south and I generally prefer Corrie, but, like 4get, I change depending on storylines.
Coronation Street is the only soap I watch, unless you count The Bill - which I love.
I dont like either Maybe that cause I come from the west
I'm a southerner living in Manchester and it's corrie every time for me, I think I have watched every episode since it started. Watched EE for a while years ago, but got fed up with all the doom and gloom.
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I'm in London and enjoy all the three main soaps, but think Emmerdale is my fave.

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corrie or eastenders

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