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Shadow Man | 22:25 Mon 30th Jul 2007 | Media & TV
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Be brutally honest, on a Monday night do you reach for the remote control like grease lightning after Corrie has finished at 8pm to turn over to BBC1 to watch Eastenders, then again at 8.30pm back to ITV?

And like me, get a little annoyed when you miss the first few secons of a show due to the turnaround.

Or should I just get out more?


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I dont watch Eastenders,just Corrie.
Nope, don't watch either.
Get out more, for God's sake, you are worse than a housewife.

Or watch 24 or CSI, WAY cooler to boast about as a bloke.
Monday night goes Emmerdale. Corrie. Walk dog & have tea. Corrie. I'm a creature of habit. But I do watch EE when someone gets killed off.
yes i do the same!! monda night is officialy soap night!
I reach for the remote control like grease lightning to avoid Eastenders/Emmerdale/Corrie...
Hmmm, maybe I should get out more too :)
I tape them from 8pm onwards as I watch Colin Fry the medium. Maybe I need to get out more than anyone.
colin fry is awesome :-)
So sad
I have the remote control in my hand from 5 to 8 as sometimes the second corrie is finished EE is started.Sad eh but only watch EE corrie and emmerdale.oh and big brother.Not even many good films on now all repeats.Apart from documentaries rest is crap.
I just reach for the pins to stick in my eyes....
nope. hate all British soaps with a passion.
Monday night is a lovely night. One episode of Corrie, half an hour to make a meal and put on tray ready for the next episode of Corrie! Must admit too to being a Hollyoaks fan, but absolutely can't stand any of the other soaps especially Eastenders (too dismal for words).
no, cos i record them all & watch them on a tuesday lol.
Monday, I rubbed a used nappy round my face - did I miss Corrie and Eastenders.....

Don't watch eastenders, only watch corrie out of habit
Sadly I do. Why is it that Eastenders has started by the time you press the remote yet it is scheduled to start at 8 pm?

Only wish Hustle or Spooks was back to follow them.
yep and how sad are we

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