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moonshadow | 15:33 Sat 03rd Jan 2009 | Media & TV
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I missed a few episodes of Eastenders and Corrie over Christmas, could someone please tell me who put the DNA results in Shaun's cracker and what happened to Jed in Corrie?


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I don't watch eastenders anymore, but Tony thought he'd killed Jed but hadn't succeeded so offered him one of his flats in Wigan, and took him there-or did he......? We don't know for sure. The Corrrie website on would give you more info.
Susie Braning put the results in the cracker just before she left.
Jed survived being strangled by Tony, so Tony offered to give him a house rent free etc in Wigan (I think) if he kept quiet and didn't ask for more moneyand fetched his stuff from Emily's and apparently dropped him off. Emily since found his cap on the peg and thinks she should look for him
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Thank you both for putting me in the picture. Thanks very much for the website info mumof3angels, I have put it on my favourites list, just had a quick peek and glad to see Betty, Emily and Rita haven't been chopped from the show.
Adding to the link you have to the Corrie's website from mumof3angels, these two links are also useful for catching up on prog's.

Enjoy moonshadow!
Noone has seen Jed in Wigan at all, and everyone is keeping an eye peeled, if he surfaces I shall let you know, if he surfaces in a white suit i would not be surprised
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Two more really good sites thank you smudge,enjoy I will. Do you live in Wigan then Dot ? So you did terambulan, have you psychic powers? if so what happens next?

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