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Mickey_Blue | 14:50 Fri 16th Jun 2006 | Media & TV
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Which DONd contestant has sent sexy tingles down your spine ?,male or female. My fave so far has been Lucy.


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I thought Tan was very good looking, he was dark skinned wih the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Definately Ron...;o)

OK seriously... im not great with their names.... but i think it was Carlton.... REALLY good looking, sort of mixed race with a goatee??

I didnt see it but heard he went home with a tenner :(

Raj,Definatly,Didnt he go home with just a pound?And he,d been there all them shows,Seems so unfair.He was so lovely.
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I`m also looking forward to getting Melanie in the chair.
sorry mickey... i only have eyes for noel...
gaz was delicious!!!!
I personally thought that Jo (female) was hot!!!

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