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Tv Programme On Catch Up

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tollview | 16:43 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Help! I watching Great sewing bee from Tuesday past on catch up and when it ended a programme came on which was about 4 or 5 couples who were given a challenge to get themselves to Delphi from Dover with a limited amount of money and NO mobile phone.    I was really enjoying it but had to cut it short  & now I cannot find it - I have no idea what it was called ......grateful for any hints   Thank you





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Definitely Race Across The World.  I only watch the celebrity version, but only if I recognise a celebrity - last one had Billy Monger in it.

except none of the series were from and to those places?

Series 1 was Delphi to Greece 

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Thank you so much everyone - very much appreciated 

Delphi to Greece isn't that far, really

i watched the first series - they did not go from delphi to dover!

they had to get to somewhere in singapore i think.

where can I see these huge bees with needlework skills?

On the BEE BEE See, Tora.

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Tv Programme On Catch Up

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