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As We Are Doing Star Trek..... S T N G Quiz....

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ToraToraTora | 12:04 Sat 15th Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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What are the connections, actors and/or characters, between STNG and these films and TV Shows, there may be more answers than the ones I have in mind.

1) The A-Team

2) Mash

3) Independence Day

4) Moby Dick

5) Breaking Bad

6) Born Free

7) Sister Act

8) The Time Bandits

9) Stand by Me

10) The Big Bang Theory



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3, 9 and 10 Will Wheaton?

Question Author

9 and 10 not 3

7 whoopi goldberg


8. David Rappaport


3. Brent Spiner... Data. also TBBT as guest star

7. Guinan... &. Whoopi Goldberg


Question Author

drmorgans..explain.. not the answer I have but mine are not exhaustive.

4 -Sir Patrick Stewart

1 Dwight Schultz?

Question Author

correct johnny and also another A-Team actor is in a NG episode.

2 - Sally Kellerman (sp?) Was the original Hotlips Hoolihan in the M*A*S*H* movie, and was in Where No Man Has Gone Before, the second OS pilot.

Question Author

True Mozz but we are talking NG.

was Dirk Benedict in them ?

that would also link him with 

No4 Starbuck

as it was his charecter in batlestar 

8. David Warner. He played a Klingon in one of the movies. The Undiscovered Country I think.

12:49. Apologies, only saw "Star Trek". That rules out Warner too.

Question Author

David Warner is correct but he was a cardassian in "chain of command" (Gul Madred). TUC was the last OS Movie.

5 John de Lancie (Q)

12:53 - that was a complete fluke then, as I only remembered him in TUC.

Jeffery Combs could have appeared in all of them, we wouldn't recognise him. 😉

Question Author

johnny: "was Dirk Benedict in them ?" - nope. Try Melinda Culea.


My mistake. David Rappaport was in The Time Bandits and had been cast in an episode STNG but (sadly) tried to kill himself and the part went to someone else.


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As We Are Doing Star Trek..... S T N G Quiz....

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