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brainiac | 11:15 Sun 26th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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What an unlikeable character they have made him, in a programme unremittingly grim and violent.  And how was the language deemed suitable for Saturday night viewing?  Having been taken aback by the first episode, out of interest last night I counted 25 variants of the F-word and FOUR C-bombs.  Horrible.



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We gave up after only a few minutes as we were fed up of the language.

I've recorded it as we enjoyed the previous tv series and the books.  I don't object to bad language or violence if it adds to the characters and plot but it seems I'm going to be disappointed.

I'll report back when I get round to watching it

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I thought the C-word was verboten on terrestrial television.  Evidently not.

No, it's becoming very common. In an episode of Better Things a few years ago the mother and teenage daughter were calling each other that countless times.

Jack Dee used the word on Have I Got News For You

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I was watching it on my own, but it still grated. I felt annoyed and embarrassed.

The swearing doesn't bother me one jot, however, I can't say I'm enjoying series as much as I did with the Ken Stott ones.

We're watching but just as a cop drama, not as a Rebus.

I enjoyed the books and the series with Ken Scott but having read the reviews of this programme, I decided to give it a miss.  It seems that I haven't missed much.

I treat all re-makes, revivals the same way, rocky

We had to watch the first episode twice because we found it difficult to think this was a younger Rebus in a contemporary context as opposed to a prequel. Yes, the language is coarse but that is not inconsistent with the storyline and context. We finished it last night and concluded that it was the start of a compelling new series. Some of the acting was outstanding (Brian Ferguson as Michael for example) although some characterisation was less than credible (e.g. Gill Templar). Overall, though, having almost given up after the first episode I am glad we persevered and look forward to the next series (for there must surely be one).

I thought it was awful!

I much prefer the John Hannah/Ken Stott episodes.

If the currect reboot gets a seceond season, I shan't be watching it.

Much as I enjoyed Ken Stott as Rebus, he was an "old Rebus". The latest story is true to the books which were written in real time. Back to the start when Rebus was 40.  Language aside I really enjoyed it and am glad Ian Rankin would like another series.

I binge-watched it recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. But as a stand-alone TV Crime series, not as a Rebus prequel. Hoping the 2nd series is as good - because there's bound to be one.

I enjoyed it.

I didn't watch the Ken Stott series. So nothing to compare.

I tried one book and gave up, so again, nothing to compare.

I liked it, found the character sympathetic, and will watch the next series.

I imagine it's like watching Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher if you haven't read the books, you don't know Reacher is supposed to be six foot five!!

Been watching it for a few weeks now.It never seems to come to a conclusion.Is there a conclusion?Doesnt look like it to me.

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You found the character 'sympathetic' Andy - really?

As all fictional cops nowadays, he's dark and troubled and plays by his own rules, but are we meant to admire how violent he is, be in awe of it?

The beginning of the first episode has him climbing into an ambulance and smashing up a crime lord, whom he would have killed him had his superior not intervened (no consequences for him, of course).  Later, he punches his brother in the presence of his young daughter, and is also having an affair with the wife of his now-paralysed old pal.

What a charmer!

The transformation of Rebus' brother from parcel-delivery guy to scary mobster is unbelievable and the female parts are underwritten and solely in service to the stories of the men.

And the language still grates.

I would prefer it more if it was likeThe Sweeney back in the 70s.One episode at a time.This Rebus im watching just now(17.48)was on two weeks ago.

Are you watching it on a catch up channel?  Watch it on Fridays, BBC1 and you will be watching it one episode a week

Err,yes.Anyway does it ever come to a conclusion?

I expect not. Series don't conclude these days, in the hope of continuing in the next one

There is a conclusion of sorts, but it is also left wide open for a 2nd series. Hopefully more.

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