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T W A U The Chase, From Yesterday.....

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ToraToraTora | 15:03 Thu 25th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Q: Who became 2nd in line to the throne on his birth in 1982?

A: Prince Andrew!

Perish the thought! 🤣



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took me a few seconds - maybe on TV....

The Kings oldest son?  

He must have been born then.  Time flies.

I'd have struggled with that qestion myself (although I could have probably got there in the end, I reckon).

I have absolutely no interest in the so-called 'royal' family and their relationships to each other.

Charles's brood mare Diana's first son William.

only the date was wrong, but you'd have to be quite old to remember Andrew was born in 1960. In fact you'd have to be middle aged to remember 1982.

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T W A U The Chase, From Yesterday.....

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