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Calling Corrie Fans

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barry1010 | 09:02 Thu 15th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I can't remember.  Did Paul kill Mike Hargraves during the Summer/Mike/Ester kidnap storyline?  



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Who was Mike?

Just googled. I watch it but just don't remember him and a kidnaping

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Summer was pregnant and was going to sell the baby to Mike and Esther.  It got messy with Mike kidnapping Summer, locking her in a bedroom without her insulin or food. Paul rescued her, punched Mike who fell, banged his head and lost consciousness. 


sorry to but in just wanted to say love your avatar x

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I love a nellyfunt

I'd forgotten that. I can't remeber whether he died and whether polic investigated.There are qute a few people in Corrie currently who've killed people and not been brought to justice

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Yes, Gary has got away with it although he could claim self-defence.  I like soap wrong uns to get their comeuppance

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Calling Corrie Fans

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